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Fatal shooting of the Orland square mall is in custody this morning police are not saying how officers encountered suspects UCAR Williams chief Tim Carthy and a commander saying only that officers arrested Williams in Madison on the street in that he was taken into custody without incident. He was brought to the Orland park police station for questioning the convicted armed robbers accused of shooting eighteen year old Japan Britain in the chest. During an argument in the mall's food court a bystander sustained a graze Bob Roberts, News Radio on what L five point nine. Nine FM. Chicago police are looking for a man who snatched a woman's purse on the campus of the institute of technology early this morning. The woman says she was standing on the sidewalk and the one hundred block of west thirty third street when the man ran up grabbed her purse and ran off the woman was not hurt Indiana school superintendents facing charges after allegedly passing off a six student as her own son in order to get medical treatment for him Madison County prosecutor Rodney coming says, I understand it was her desire to help young man that was in bad shape. But probably not the best example to set for young people to assume other identities and and make false statements. Ellwood community school had Casey smitherman is charged with insurance fraud identity deception and official misconduct. Officials say you may be placed in a diversion program which is used for first time offenders who could avoid a permanent criminal record by day forecast. Next to WBZ news time nine thirteen your.

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