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On the right shoulder. So not of the delay coming out of town. There's a wreck on twelve at race as well. The state just below blaming Chuck Ingram News Radio seven hundred wwl w now ladies forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on NewsRadio seven hundred wwl. Warning weather alert day. We'll see new rounds of showers and thunderstorms developing this afternoon in the evening. Some could bring in damaging wind gusts and large hail, so beware for severe weather today, high eighty tonight under sixty five and then tomorrow, only isolated rain chance alive. Today is partly cloudy with a high of eighty three. From your severe weather station on nine for sporting meteorologist, Jennifer catch Mark NewsRadio seven hundred wwl, w it is sixty nine degrees right now. Three people were sent to the hospital after a police chase ended in a crash in Middletown the Ohio State patrol says officers were in pursuit of a driver of a stolen car when the seventeen year old behind the wheel collided with another vehicle during that pursuit the team suffered serious injuries as did the driver of that SUV that he hit thirty three old Courtney Tanner, their passengers suffered minor injuries. Police do believe that drugs played a factor in the crash. Meanwhile, Cincinnati police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened this morning in bond hill, not much known at this time, just that a male victim was found inside of. A hold on garden lane just before five o'clock. A delegation from Mexico set to meet with top Trump administration officials today to discuss looming tariffs on Mexican good. It goes foreign minister Marcelo broad is set to meet with secretary of state, Mike Pompeo in Washington.

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