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Yes he did he raised his voice repeatedly during the interview with me and and said that all of this happened before he came in not all of it happened before he came in but he suggested that this was really not a problem and that the foundation was absolutely a firewall even though there's a lot of cozy relationships there between the alcohol institute and the i'll call industry there's a lot of communication there's a lot of back and forth and by the way no one's denying that these things happen you even have emails one was by dr gunn's wrath when we spoke of headed urgent response needed sap and it was inviting the lead researcher to philadelphia to talk to the annual meeting of the worldwide brewing alliance to get the brewers by in an extra overall funding potential as well so it's it's right it's right there and he says he's willing to be anywhere anytime i think i don't have that right in front of me i could do any version or part of the whole day or night of so look raises so many questions about this particular research which is very controversial to a lot of people who worry that it's just the headline comes out from the nih that light or moderate drinking is good for you that's a trigger for people for whom drinking is not a good idea but the sad thing is that maybe there is some really good science here and now that's seems to have been obscured i want to point something out something else about the whole risk versus benefit of alcohol as well there's increasing concern about alcohol being associated with an increased incidence of cancer.

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