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Sunday president trump is doing the right thing this president from day one wants to reform the world trading system is not working ben thomas washington serious embattled president baby traveling outside of his country soon to meet with the leader of north korea cbs is don kirk tells us the exact timing of his visit remains unclear donald trump isn't the only president whom north korea's leader kim jong is planning to meet in the near future pyongyang's korean central news agency quotes syrian president bashar alassad saying he's going to call on kim in pyongyang assad receiving north korea's new embassador in damascus did not say exactly when he's going there but praised him for his wise leadership report out of north korea also quotes assad is saying he sure kim jong il will achieve a final victory and reunify the korean peninsula the bostonbased first coast guard district is getting a new commander wbz's charlie sherman tells us who'll be assuming that top post the change of command ceremony will take place tomorrow at faneuil hall that's when rear admiral andrew johnson will be sworn in he takes over for rare admiral stephen pooling who's lead the district since may of two thousand sixteen the first coast guard district covers eight states in the northeast including more than twelve hundred and twenty five miles of coastline from the us canada border to northern new jersey the district has more than eleven thousand active duty reserve civilian and exhilarate personnel thirty cutters two hundred boats and seven aircraft i'm charlie sherman wbz newsradio ten thirty an expert.

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