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You've got to accumulate accumulator roster some you know there's a lot of expenses that go with it so that's when it became serious based on your researcher r are you do you feel pretty confident that either the pacers organization or became the pacers organization were the other sort of league founders and door franchise folks a successful getting a franchise they they already had merger sort of a glimmer in there i um it's that knowing that that would be sort of the end result or do you think that's more hindsight than anything each hard to say that i gotta believe that that was their hope you know because it's part starter that you'll be eight yell as you are aware have been in existence for year and a happened early 60s folded at you know hike at the end of december the second year so they knew that so i gotta believe that that was to hope you know it was going to be hard to compete against the any uh psyched up believe they felt like we'll get some players some get some of their best players that a college and enforced at merger it was never stated but early on the it it's not easy gale at least publicly was we're not going to steal players some the nba or try to you know sign their players away we just want to get these kids out of college build a new league it seemed like they were trying to make nice with the nba didn't take long before you know oakland stole rick berry from the nba players were signed away from the nba that was down to happen but i think i just have to believe logically bad at the beginning the uh aba owners worth thinking you know we just got to hang for a couple of threeyear.

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