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Demonstration, by of several hundred outside the courthouse in Pretoria Nelson Mandela, wife you, just saw Founder of, the, sabotage Mubarak speller In. November leading member of African National Congress accused without those applauding sabotage African government five. False from day one of our The police, trumpet into his your. Going to die Your way to hang And the, first day, the lawyer said chips prepare for the worst and, that remained that dude, right through the trial I state alleged the plane purpose they're all. Wants to bring about chaos just, order turmoil, in the battle to be waged against the white, men in this country They were called terrorists We knew that there was. No hope of acquittal The? Question was what do we. Do with the trial Wendy defense case started Mandela He was going, to be the, first defense witness and the prosecution Utah had prepared extensively cross-examine Mandela and bacon down and they all got a shock when our lawyers. And also Mandela, will not give evidence what he'll make? A statement from the dock The courtroom was absolutely packed He stood up and he. Proceeded to deliver the speech Jodi my lifetime I have dedicated my life The Flaw was. Speech But that last bit way said these, are the, ideas. For example die Just, that I knew what he was going to say because we don't see. The speech everybody would make comments, about it and I knew he was going, to say, in effect hang me if you dare to mister judge Anyway he said I have cherished A democratic and It'd be on To get in Equal opportunity Which I hope If it, needs to be Which I am prepared He was moving Nobody said anything even the judge didn't know. What to say Neutrals amendment of history Emerged in as a great leader.

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