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Is coming up the steps who's coming up the steps is about to climb inside the cage and hear it colmes not so fast he jumped down of slammed a cage door closes going to buy more time here's the thing as he's walking route has got his cocky look on his face has got his lattes flared out this by mrs guy sometimes you can kill a crowd with this if you know if you play to law but we don't off were off rudder rather stole goal has got medication up jason is down it's roads into the safety of the cage and he's tried to kick me he won't allow me to come up the steps the steel steps to get inside the cage asari side of a bitch mike kyodo referee i can't believe it i am look at the crowded gotta bring the crowd in in certain situations are bringing a crowd at i had like god begi subtle you know libyan i'll go round of the south occasion when the club to the top bits speaks be up to the top of the cage he's on the inside albany out now he's trying to stop on my head it lashley combat we're going sideways now like a couple of spiders on yeah here we go hanging from a cage he's way up top down below he's only unsettle money outside that is going to try to kick me with that black boots knock i'm going down but to spiders flynn all manages came down from the cage try to make landing and seemingly blew up my left knee and correct i'm only wear in one knee brace at this point in my career the right knee has gone you had got blown peace yelling at meat over in the kyoto rod from the announce stable oh game vents fits okay since he's heard i'll go kickers hs turns out i'm just playing possum and at rome wouldbe the spring up enclosed linee live in the hell out of insert man.

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