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The first time in forty years that we have a spacecraft designed for humans to fly and fly to stay safe was supposed to do. But he got home safe. Jason sounds SpaceX and Boeing or both under contract with NASA to transport astronauts, SpaceX could make that first trip this summer boxes. Evan brown. This is Fox News. Trending now on NewsRadio. Eight thirty K H VH Julian Norton Dennis Argosy university. Hawaii is expecting to abruptly shut down today leaving about eight hundred graduate and undergraduate students with few options midway through the semester students and alumni visited the downtown office yesterday to get their records and try to figure out where they could transfer to finish up their degrees. Argosy Hawaii catered mostly to adult students and offered a variety of degrees in fields such as business information technology, criminal Justice and clinical psychology. Obviously universities, owner dream center, education holdings, l l c was put into receivership January eighteenth in US district court in Ohio after being sued for failing to meet its financial obligations new university held the transfer fair yesterday to help students navigate their way forward other institutions reaching out to Argosy university. Students include the university of Hawaii Chaminade university Hawaii Pacific university as well as online schools, the White House of representatives is advancing a Bill that would decriminalize marijuana. The measure passed the house yesterday. It would apply to any adult found to be in possession of three grams or less offenders would be fine two hundred dollars instead of charged with a criminal offence. Anyone with more than three grams would still face the current punishment? It's a petty misdemeanor punishable by up to thirty days in jail as well as a possible fine of one thousand dollars. Civil engineers are not impressed by Hawaii's infrastructure, the American society of civil engineers. So what you -ception gave the state's infrastructure a deep plus reading in its inaugural report released yesterday. It looked at eleven categories roads. Schools in water were reported to be in poor condition from the NewsRadio eight thirty page news center. Much more at cage, VH radio dot com. Seventy seven percent of rural counties lack sufficient primary healthcare. Blue Cross Blue shield is working to fill that gap by placing former military, medics and communities improving access for the health of.

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