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News. Stay connected. Stay informed. Your husky nation station. Komo news. Good morning. Once again, thanks for joining us at eleven. Oh to you've been hearing the coverage of the. Senate Judiciary committee hearing on the judge Cavanaugh nominee nomination for the supreme court. And now the move made is you heard on ABC delayed the floor vote for up to a week, and we'll get you more details on that. As soon as it becomes available that motion made this morning by Senator Jeff flake just moments ago as you heard right here. Seattle woman accusing a state Senator of rape the night of her cottage graduation. Komo's Brian Calvert reports the allegation is not new back in June Candice favor wrote about how she in the lawmakers spent the evening drinking and kissing. She says she pushed him away and yelled stop only to eventually relent to his advances. But she'd never named politician until yesterday in a tweet shortly after supreme court nominee Brett Kavanagh's testimony concluded favor wrote Senator Joe Fain, you raped me the night, I graduated from Georgetown in two thousand seven then you had the audacity to ask me to support your campaign. I've been terrified of running into you since moving home and seeing your name everywhere. I'm done being silent the times. Reached out to the Senator who responded via text quote. I absolutely deny what MS Faber is accusing me up and the allegation of this serious nature deserves to be heard and investigated for all parties involved. I invite and will cooperate with any inquiry. I ask everyone to show respect him his favor and to the process Senator Fain is up for reelection next month. Brian Calvert, KOMO news shelter police with extra officers at Shelton high school today after rumors of violence prompted a police investigation last night by some concerned parent their children during the day it hurt them fake threats about a potential school shooting shelter. Police captain Mike Fiona says they investigated and determined. There was no credible threat calling the rumors of violence a social media frenzy. They have a strong police presence on campus today easing the minds of students, and parents a judge finds enough probable cause to keep a married couple behind bars and a murder of a sixty seven year old Renton, man. Detectives say last Wednesday thirty nine year old Jeremy Shaw pepper sprayed the victim and bludgeoned him over the head until he died deputies say his. Wife Lorraine Shaw stole the man's belongings, including his car, which they burned into comma to handyman found the man dead and call police coming up. I'm Frank Lenzi. I'll tell you how a nineteenth century treaty could play into a Washington lawsuit. That's made its way all the way to the US supreme court. It's one of the north West's biggest agricultural crops. I'm Corwin Hake. Why wheat farmers say tariffs are the least of their words. It's time to check.

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