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Burn assessment. Teams are doing their assessment Davidenko by four hundred and thirty five structures that are destroyed their walking many canyons by foot or by vehicle in certain areas because the access is very limited. So it's going to take several more days for them to get a complete accurate account of structures lost. But in my estimation. That number is going to rise significantly is a go through more pockets of Kenyans heading west fifty seven thousand structures are still threatened. Chief auspey says forecasters, expect onshore winds Thursday and Friday, which will shift the director of fires that are burning. He also expects rainfall to hit the area sometime next week. And yes, well that could help greatly put out the fires that creates concerns about mudslides, and that's going to be a continuing concern all winter long more than four hundred thirty five structures. Most of them homes have burned in that fire. As a first responders news conference LA county sheriff Jim McDonald talked about how difficult it is evacuating and repopulating affected communities. We wanna get you home more important. We want you to be safe. I will personally be working with our partners in the numerous cities and county areas along with state and federal agencies who come together to support our mission of returning our community and our residents to their homes. We're also reminding our personnel to deal with residents questions in a say in a sensitive manner as possible recently, we had reports of a small group of individuals taking independent action in the Malibu area who responded to the area believing. They can assist in protecting the community for those individuals and anyone else concerned our department. In our partners and the personnel on scene are able to ensure the protection of life and property of our communities, and we would appreciate your cooperation and remaining out of the impacted areas while we work toward returning our residents and businesses to these neighborhoods. Currently the Los Angeles County sheriff's department has six hundred thirty two deputy personnel deployed throughout this fire incident. We've implemented twelve hour shifts. Schedule for majority of our deputy personnel to ensure that we have adequate staffing to be able to maintain the service and protection to the communities and residents that we serve while we greatly. Appreciate the phenomenal work being done by all of our firefighters, law enforcement personnel, supporting agencies and organizations who have left their families in the service of both are impacted counties were grateful to our residents and local businesses who continue to be patient and understanding as we work together to restore communities. This will not happen quickly. But it will happen with all of us continuing to work together as one community. The.

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