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To get recently and has nice as it's forecasted to get next week but in the middle of that is a very chilly weekend not so much today we'll get up in the lower sixty s showers a couple of times this afternoon but then colder showers tonight down to forty one downtown but he's you go farther north will drop into the thirties going to be some snow showers mixing it up to the north and then we'll see tomorrow breezy and unseasonably chilly with lots of clouds a high just forty nine real feels will be in the upper thirties low forties at best sunshine smack sunday so are some milder temperatures up to fifty seven warming up into the upper sixties monday with sunshine upper seventies tuesday and near eighty on wednesday before another front comes through so we have that to look forward to i'm accuweather meteorologist dean devore ww newsradio nine fifty and once again we're looking at mostly sunny skies fifty eight and wall lake fifty seven in sterling heights it's fifty eight in canton and at detroit metro airport we have fifty four degrees wwe news time is now ten forty we are world vision and we believe in children we believe in god's calling to help them for us and achieve a full life we believe every child deserves clean water tristesse booth and basic healthcare we believe in educating girls and women about immunizations and the healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies saving the lives of newborns and new marks helping more children live a full life beyond a try we are world vision and children if you believe does it in dot org slash believe.

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