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Yesterday, and the tropical storm plans to linger around for at least another day. Henry made landfall Sunday afternoon in Rhode Island, while sparing the Hamptons the worst of the brunt of the storm that flooded basements and roads in southern New England. Some people were stranded in their cars. Bridges were shut down, so we're ferries over 140,000 homes lost power. National Hurricane Center's senior specialist Daniel Brown says. When people think of tropical storms, they often think of wind. But rain is also a big hazard unlikely to continue for another 24 hours or so. And those impacts are going to cause uh, really a tremendous amount of flooding. It's an area that doesn't often get hit by these tropical systems. Julie Walker, NEW York A sheriff in Tennessee says at least 22 people are dead, many more still missing after record setting rains over the weekend. Restaurant owner or Kansas. Klein says his building is virtually destroyed in Waverly, Tennessee. Now total loss. We have about six FT. Of water inside the restaurant, all the equipment, everything has been the story looked over, washed out. We've got stuff from other businesses actually walked into our place for the windows smashed out. Waverly listed about 40 people missing as of yesterday afternoon in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said to end his decade as governor today, when Lieutenant governor Kathy Huckle takes over And that comes just under two weeks after Cuomo announced he would resign rather than face will likely impeachment battle over sexual harassment more from town hall dot com. Your family depends on your income, and something happened to.

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