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Police report because they'd be putting in a mortar report on me. Accusing me of assault or mayhem or murder. This is handle on the law. Radio time to thirty government workers and other Americans struggling because of the government shutdown, but the president and Democrats digging in on funding for the proposed border wall. Even among supporters of President Trump, this shutdown is taking its toll Kevin servino had planned to sell his Minnesota business, but the small business administration is not processing loans because of the shutdown. I don't believe a wall should be getting in the way of working class. People trying to take care of their family serving says he wants the president he supported to end the shutdown now. Lana Zak ABC news. Capitol hill. First official day of the national western stock show. Hundreds of thousands will visit over the next couple of weeks. College hoops CU hosting Washington tonight. We'll have coverage at seven thirty also CSU hosting New Mexico today. The Rams lead by six points in the first half and UNC up by a bucket over Montana. First half in Greeley next update at three David KO KOA, NewsRadio eight fifty AM. Mm and ninety four one FM. A couple of problems on I twenty five right now one is in Thornton. And worst a crash on I twenty five southbound after Parkway has traffic at a halt and backed up past one hundred and fourth avenue. It.

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