Slater, Hayes, Giants discussed on KNBR Tonight with Drew Hoffar & Kevin Frandsen


Strike pitch my driving the right center field that's going to be in their basic and it goes right by Slater coming in the store is her name is and the second Hayes we will stop there I think Slater got fooled by that ball he looked like he was going to be able to cut it off and the dish right by I think that surprised him well it was not a clean defensive ending for the giants but that didn't cost him anything PT only gave up those two in the fourth inning was to nothing Philadelphia on the fifth of the Phillies added on Bryce Harper drew a one out walk he walks three times in this game add in Exeter was the northern California native Reese Hoskins now BT on top delivers there's a high drive in the deep center field way back still going yeah it is for nothing yeah that would hurt the gentran hang around but the big fly Hoskins twenty third of the year mated for nothing it again drew Smyly was just great will make him our coop of value player of the game the cloud platform for business spend management trusted by the most successful companies in the world to help them spend smarter every day find out more Cooper dot com J. it's been hitting left handers soul hard for about a month and nothing against drew Smyly tonight seven shutout innings when the bullpen took over though the game changed Nick prevented took over the eighth inning face Brandon Crawford hit one of the wall in left it was caught for out number one and the players coaches and branded belt to the plate as a pinch hitter bell hits a high.

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