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Place on earth this holiday season. I have to just tell you and remind you really bill o'reilly the happiest person on earth. Hello bill o'reilly showdown twice on the ice this morning. I'm not the happiness guy. Terry it polling the leash all right. Yeah lucky i'm not attraction here all. But here's sara note back. Here's a happy note. I wanna thank. You wouldn't stu forgiving killing crazy horse so all your friends as christmas gifts. That was very very nice of you to do your well. I didn't know that you would recognize that. I bought in extra book for all of my friends. You know i should say about for all of my friend Number twenty number ten. I called him. They said hey. Bedas ordered a whole bunch of killing horses. I it's a great. It would be a great christmas gift. Not as good as some of my books but it would be a great christmas gift killing crazy horse now. I wouldn't recommend that. But i mean there might be some people out there so so bill i want to take i want to take. I tell me the events of the week donald trump. Let's start there where we a message of the damn bill o'reilly dot com and i told everybody that the president is very uncharacteristically. Isolating himself so he had a couple of hardy's the white house for the big fat cat donors he didn't even show up to those parts I understand from people day that you know he's a little withdrawn and i understand He believes that the culmination of five years in dubious election And he believes that He got hosed every every way you could get host and that's just frame of mind going into the christmas week. I was there Last friday with my daughter at the christmas party we were actually in the west wing Before the party started and Caught a glimpse of the president in the oval with mike pence and meadows as he was being briefed on the supreme court. It didn't go well. It didn't go not as you could imagine. You know he's a pretty resilient. I known you know for thirty years and you know he bounces back pretty well but i think this is really shaken him. 'cause he sincerely believes that he won the election. That's not you know posturing or he doesn't have any self doubt. He believes that he wanted and that it was taken from him by these forces. Five years trying to destroy him so let me let me be very careful on what i say here.

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