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It's been a great meet and you know what quickly before we have it right here before we get your derby thoughts and jimmy's going to join us to jimmy ventura a quick note about this oaklawn steak. The three year olds. Three hundred thousand and They go nine furlongs There's there's some potential here these are these resources that are knocking on the door. For the most part does some steaks exeter's that have done some different things and that includes warrant For brad cox. The twin creeks home bred the constitution colt Who's you know. Kept good company and probably has upside for two one. Three two one on fulsome factor fulsome. The name came up. The other came up yesterday with marcus. Hirsch the Judd mont home-bred. Coming off an allowance win that was off the turf keeneland ship this one back had been at fairgrounds and now he's back down to oakland convention. Ask me sin and Winchell windstar colt that Was two hundred thirty thousand. It's a good group jerry hall door for causeway jones The creative 'cause okay scared For or scarred for steve asmussen as well coming off of an allowance win and this is right this group..

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