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Friday, January eleventh good to see you see before Friday January eleventh. Do you think Bryce Harper will make a decision to to come to your Los Angeles dodger? I wouldn't be sad about it. I've got my dodger stocks on. I think. You know? That's just a coincidence. But. Very odd. Most of my clothing, either black or dodger blue. So, you know, I think it would be great if you came. But I also think we can do without him. I mean the team is built to homegrown players. I mean, we had a lot of people like Muncie example last year sorta come out of nowhere. So it's not an assessing. But it would be awesome to see and play. Unless don't you think trade of of Puig, right? And and camp pain holding pre we precursor though, I mean way I looked at my little piggy Bank yesterday and got a little sad that he's gone now. But you're walked what does it do? They gave away last year the piggy-bank that they gave out there sitting on my desk. Yeah. You should have one of those around. By the way, we should have a Wiki Bank should. Yeah. Finally, it's not officially dated. I know. Yeah. It's a piece of history now. Yeah. Artifact? Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Artifact? But I think their philosophy might just be to clear up that money. There may not be any big signing coming with the way this office work. So, you know, it's it's sort of hard to tell clearing money for who. Luxury tax for next year. Right. I mean, they just thinking ahead. There's a, you know, free agent market next year to think about so. Yeah. And so are you are you locked into the Laker season. Best you can right now. I had a really great time watching the Christmas day game with my whole family watching the everybody do it without LeBron over the warriors. That was pretty exciting. Right. So I know, you know, obviously, he I bet he's coming back this week. They haven't made an announcement yet. Yeah. You know, I think he's going to return that was I guess that day was also mixed in with terror that something horrible it happened right here for him. I know you don't wanna see that. What's it like to have a team where Bryce Harper might becoming? And then your basketball team gets LeBron James. I mean, that's some water ski wants them yacht. Your water skiing. We are spoiled in the city to see that sort of thing. And it's you know, the the word is that Bryce really wants to come play here and who can blame them. I mean, it's right to great city to play. And we we've had this conversation before but for the audience that so you're from Los Angeles. Would you say you're from Los Ange? I am. Yeah. I was born here. But my parents are both from Birmingham, Alabama and shockingly don't have any strong feelings either way towards Alabama or Auburn. How is that possible? Neither of them went to either school siblings. Didn't really go to either school declare. If you live in that state, but my dad studied theatre in college. So he likes football. He's actually lifelong falcons fan. He was the rare case in the south of actually preferring the NFL. I think the right, but yeah, I mean, his best friend went to Auburn. But there's just was never a strong poll either way. So was it particularly big in in your folks household that your first film role. You played the son of one of the best players in the history of Alabama FARs is true. That is part of the family history now. Yeah. That was that was a pretty big deal yet, you're in you're in the house. I'll look at that. Joe Halley, Joel Osmond here on the rich Eisen show. And so the New York Giants were does that come in. How do you become a New York giant fan? I when I was growing up in Los Angeles, the raiders in Rams had just left. I loved the NFL that didn't really have that sort of comes from. My dad didn't really have a strong pull towards NET..

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