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And she says in the mid seventies on a typical Friday night, it was the place to be and you were looking for a day. Eight, we're looking for guy or they were looking for a gal to, you know, hook up, you pretty well could go out and have a different data's often this you want. If you understand what I'm saying, and my line was it was nice dancing with you and that dot me a few guys that followed me around the bar. But they had all sorts of bad lines. The guys did. The football players, hang the Cowboys. Hang out there. Billy Bob Harris. Hello, Dan name is Billy Bob Harris. I'm in Dallas. Billy Bob Harris. I rolling stockbroker and famous Dallas, bachelor good luck and drove a flashing corvette. You know, he was always showing up and have a babe on each arm and things like that. One girl and I said, let me ask you something if you were me and I would have meet you, how would you go about it? She kinda smiles. She said, we'll so far doing pretty good on your own. Just see how you go ahead. It was that type of atmosphere, friendly type atmosphere. You get the picture. It could be a wild place. It was both totally liberating and also running pretty high on testosterone. The guy running the chain back then was a man named Dan Scoggins and your members. Those unchaste nights. Young lady would disappear down below. The level of the bar and young man's eyes would rule back after a while. Back then in the early seventies, Dan was reaping the benefits of Friday's himself. Hey, became quite the ladies man because I had this pickup line that was just, you know, foolproof. That'd be standing bar Fridays and say, hi darling, I own this place. And that always went over. Well, that seemed to work. Same. If Allen Stillman is the guy who invented the singles bar the right place at the right time in New York. Dan is the guy who took it national just as the country was ready and like, Alan, he wasn't a restaurant or he had no experience in hospitality. It was Mr High polish wingtips and freshly pressed suit. And in I was I was the typical corporate young corporate executive right out of typecasting. Here's the backstory. Dan had been a company man at a place called Boise cascade. He worked his way up to run half the country's container, manufacturing and sales for Boise. And one day he was sitting with a colleague at the TGI Fridays that it opened in Memphis. When he realized he wanted to become an entrepreneur. I said, you know, if we don't do something one of these days, we're going to be old men before we realize our dream. I said, even if it's something stupid like this and I point to the restaurant and if. You don't mind me asking where you single back then. I didn't know that I was about to become single. He got divorced, quit his job and changed his look. I went for a Lear jet to Volkswagen bus and went from Brooks brothers suit to Bill bottom trousers, and surprisingly of beard the business details here aren't that important. Basically, Dan started out licensing franchises from Alan and quickly ended up merging the franchises into one company. TGI Fridays Inc Dan as first CEO and he drove that BW bus across the country on his way to open that Dallas location picking up a lot of the touches and Chachis that define the TGI Fridays. Look, I found a Carro sill chicken ahead, a Fanta Lear that had come out of some opera house that I put up on the raise level by. Now, you know what happened when he opened the Dallas location in nineteen seventy two, the place. Was mobbed that Houston, Atlanta, Indianapolis. It was a real chain before long. Jim west was no longer just a bartender. He was a regional manager in each city. He says it was like the singles in town had pent-up desire. We felt like the circus had come to town in many respects because it was a big fan fair. In fact, as we went to more cities, it was the crowds were huge and I think people couldn't wait unleash these passions. What happened to those passions? How did we end up with TGI Friday's today? That's what I want to look at next stick around..

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