NBC, Tuesday, Donald Trump discussed on Mitch Albom


Come up with a million examples and by the way of Trump's administration was doing this and coming up with what about this guy getting married? Everybody would be saying, Oh, just cherry, pick a case and try to turn it into everything else. It's all spin. How do you even know about that? Because it's being put out. By the people who want you to know about it. But no matter what you what what is said, and what is done. And what between one end of member of NBC and the other end of Fox News. This was a debacle of an exit. Debacle of an exit and it made us look bad. And embarrassed week and it was not necessary now the long range picture of whether we should be in there or not. Good debate a healthy debate to have But nobody should be defending this and people are defending what went on there. They're just blind partisans, whether they're in the media, or whether they're in the administration or whether they're your next door neighbor. Some things you have to look at, Same with Trump. You know anybody who thinks everything Trump did was great as this is your crazy There's no such thing. And this was not great. This was not good. And we are now what? Four days away from 9 11. You think Biden will have the temerity? The guts to try to spin 9 11 into some kind of, you know. Well, we're out of Afghanistan. I, I sure hope uh, I hope it's just it's that celebrated quietly and that's it. Just tell them Mr Two Americas fascination with numbers. Wow, it's the 20th year. So this is more important than last year, which was the 19th year for the people who were dead from 9 11. It hurts every year. Uh huh. It's only you know, outsiders. Who say Oh, well, we'll celebrate it on the round numbers and and every and every five years for a while, and then we won't do. Five. We'll just do every 10 and then we'll do every 50 right. You write? What day of the week. Is that going to be so we'll talk about it, right? Uh huh. Okay, Uh, we got a new music Tuesday coming up here and lots more at 7 60 wjr, the Lorenzo Cultural Center in partnership with the DEA present American spectacle Selections from the Nancy and Sean cotton Collection of American Art.

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