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That bar stool is now partnering with us. We have the bar slant on operating out of 30 Day. Yes, right. After day importantly started. We got a call from from his CEO. And they said, Hey, look, we love what you're doing. Can we partner with you to Bar Stool Fund is a part of Virginia 30 Day fund and our overall nonprofit the 30 Day funds, So it's good to be together Raised $40 million and 3500 small businesses made salt that's fantastic. It's good to see good people collaborating for a good cause. Thank you piece tonight or good luck in this race. It's getting busy and we appreciate you coming on with us this morning. The best to be back with you. Thanks so much. Thanks, Pete 7 15 Now time for w email, Traffic and weather every 10 minutes and first on the fives. Let's go to Lisa Beeton in this indeed, Carpet cleaning traffic center. It's a cold, strong winds to get ready as you head out this morning and hit that road 66 doing okay. But 95 Fredericksburg, you just had a North bound crash after the 1 30 Mile marker Route three. But before he gets to the Stafford line, that's North found Virginia 95 in the right lane is where we find this wreck. Maryland 95 crashed south bound before the Beltway near to 12 North Bound B W Parkway accident in the left lane after 1 97. I 97 South Bend accident. It's after 1 78. Generals. Highway exit Now from garage door repair dot com w where they'll storm art seven forecast today. Windy and cold light snow early this morning, followed by clearing this afternoon with a high of 36 degrees, But those winds 20 to 30 Miles an hour with higher windows possible.

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