First Amendment Center, President Trump, Gil Sperling discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Do about it? I'm Michael pressure from the K F I 24 hour news room. A federal appeals court has heard arguments about whether Governor Newsome's stay at home order violates the First Amendment Center for American Liberty Attorney Gil Sperling told judges from the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to state improperly denied permits to groups protesting stay at home orders. What we're saying is, we want to make it clear You're even in Coben, the courts wise test for evaluating First Amendment rights to apply and will work. A lawyer representing the state argued the orders were temporary and necessary to save lives. Sperling asked the court to roll back and he restrictions on the right of people to gather and protest a man shot by an L. A county sheriff's deputy at the harbor, U. C L. A medical center has died Share vino Ava says Nicholas Berg owes had become unruly at the center in October. Sheriff says burgers then tried to attack a deputy who was trying to restrain Him and the deputy opened fire. The man died in November 1st, but the department has just released the information. Critics say the deputy should have waited for mental health team to arrive before shooting. House Republicans have elected Kevin McCarthy as their party's leader for the 117th Congress, the minority leader says whether or not Trump remains president, he will continue to play a part in the country. I look at the number of members who got elected, they've got elected. Under President Trump president helped them get elected in the process as well and we expanded the party because he says his party's more diversion will reach more people. The acting defense chief has officially announced US military troop reductions in Iraq and Afghanistan by January, 15th. 2021 R forces their size and Afghanistan. Would be 2500 troops are four size and Iraq will also be 2500 by that same day. Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller says the decision is consistent with established plans, and it's based on continuous engagement with the president's national security Cabinet..

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