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My name is Dane Golden and today we have a special guest Matt Duffy the Chief Marketing Officer of picks ability. Hello Matt Hay Day doing. I'm doing great. Thanks for being on course I asked you on today because picks ability has released the two thousand nineteen state of digital video report okay if we talk about that yeah. Let's do it all right and while Pixel ability is very well known. They're still some people that don't know who you are. Could you talk a little little bit about who ability is and what types of services you provide sure thanks so kicks -bility. We're video advertising software company based in Boston. We have offices all over the country and in Europe and basically what we do is we help brands and agencies run video advertising campaigns campaigns on our platform pigs ability one platform campaigns that they were they want to reach audiences on Youtube facebook instagram Amazon or other connected. TV options at our platform helps them find find the best audiences on those platforms excellent and you guys have been around on for a few years old timers in this industry. That's right yeah you've been around for for about a decade but we we started out doing other other types types of video services and and we moved into youtube years ago an hour doing like. I said Youtube facebook instagram connected TV stuff so it's great which leads us into the report. Could you give us some of the top takeaways of this report which can be found on the pixel ability website correct it can yes yes yeah so so this report is something we do every year to sort of look at the differences between the major video platforms of the ones. I mentioned Youtube facebook instagram. I and Amazon and other connected TV options and so for takeaways. We have some really I think some really interesting takeaways on each of the platforms that we see each cheer this year what was most interesting to me and for some of our friends at Google were stats about how the longer longer the video ad on Youtube the higher the completion rate so a lot of people think hey I'm. I'm putting an ad on a video ad online. It should be super short to the point yes in some cases but on Youtube people are actually engaging more with with longer content and so a lot of brands for working checking weather creating longer ads. Let me let me stop you. There and let's repeat that just for emphasis so people make sure they hear what you said. Do I hear you right in saying that the the longer the ad the more likely it is someone will watch it all the way through that's right. I mean within reason you know you're not gonNA create an hour long but but for example our study showed that thirty second ads perform way better than fifteen second ads in terms of the completion rates whereas facebook and instagram the opposite is the case you WanNa keep your ads very short on the social platforms was there was there a time I am range was thirty seconds when you say longer thirty seconds was long or did you address one minute or four minute or anything like that or is that not really part of the metric for this study we just looked at fifteen versus thirty but we work a lot with Google and they they actually hire us for for a lot of insights and they they they have data that shows for even longer than thirty second ads. It's engagement is is increasing so it's it's a trend that they're seeing as well. That's amazing and I was our other top takeaways. I think I interrupted you yeah. I was just going to say the same same the same stat does not hold true for facebook and Instagram at you. WanNa keep your ads shorter on facebook and Instagram as opposed to the other thing that was interesting at some the people found surprising is that facebook is actually becoming more and more of a place to reach older an older audience as some people think facebook is something that only kids is used actually more than half of the audiences over thirty five on facebook so when we have folks that are running campaign video campaigns and they want to reach an older demographic we we recommend facebook and sometimes they're surprised but the truth is it's a good place to reach older demographics great okay and there's a lot of I mean pretty much almost every platform has native video now where the most of the dollars being spent which platforms yes of the of the major platforms Youtube facebook instagram Amazon and other connected TV platforms. They represent more than three quarters of all the ad spend and in to in depth that we're GONNA see in two thousand twenty. analyst firms are saying that this is going to be about forty billion spent on video advertising in two thousand twenty. It's obviously a very fast growing billion and of that forty billion about thirty billion. We'll be on those platforms. I mentioned and let's talk a little bit more for I've been hearing a lot about Amazon video lately. That's a little bit newer could is that mean twitch. Does that mean on Amazon Dot com from what is that exactly yeah. That's a really good question so so will you work with Amazon. We have a partnership with Amazon where we can help advertisers advertisers reach people who have Amazon fire sticks and they're they're accessing their their APPs on their television in through the Amazon fire stick and they're watching the food network or other mother work apps through their Amazon fire stick in the very cool thing think about it is as we all can imagine Amazon has amazing audience data so when you're doing video advertising through Amazon fire you're able to know things like what kind of car these people drive what searches they've done what they've purchased on Amazon so it's very it's very cool data now now. How does the industry define fine. What a view is is the same no matter what platform you're on totally different some generalities what's view. I'm I'm putting it to Matt Daffy. Yes so so that is that is something that changes based on platform even changes over time you know on Youtube they they consider view anytime someone watches at least thirty seconds of an ad if it's longer ad they have to watch at least thirty seconds enslow it. If it's a thirty second ad they have to watch the whole thing for facebook and instagram. It's much shorter you just have to have watched three seconds of an ad to call it a view and with connected connected. TV almost all connected TV. ADS are non skip -able so pretty much. If you watch the ad you're watching the whole thing unless you clicked out of it completely really so maybe you know even though of US shorter or longer on one. There's there's other additional metrics that you should use in your media decisions right not just a view definitely. I mean we have very few advertisers that only care about us. They're they're looking at clicks. They're looking at more increasingly. They're looking at brand. Lift we do brand lifts studies with a lot of our campaigns.

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