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I'm Steve Greenfield and NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea says two officers are in stable condition at Jamaica Hospital following a shooting, which will send them both into surgery. Meanwhile, the suspect is dead and James Flipping. Updates his report. Cops say a 41 year old woman reported a domestic violence incident that happened Tuesday night and that both officers were escorting her back home to Springfield Gardens. When it happened. Commissioner Shea explaining what we know is the officers arrived there at about 12 40 with the victim of the domestic violence, they enter the residence. And after about six minutes, he comes into the residents and start shooting one officer hitting the thigh, breaking his femur. The other officer hit in both hands. They returned fire, killing 41 year old Rondell Gabi, a college security guard, who reportedly had a history of domestic incidents. James Forman, w O R News, Health and Human Services secretary Alexey Czar says virus vaccine distribution could begin after the Food and Drug Administration meats and that will be on December 10th. We believe we can distribute vaccines all 64 jurisdictions within 24 hours of FDA authorization during an operation warp speed briefing, he said. They're prepared to distribute those vaccines as you heard pretty soon after the FDA meets to consider drugmaker Finders request for emergency use authorization. He also noted that fellow pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca announced promising data from trials in the U. K and Brazil plus the Trump Administration has already purchased 300 million vaccines for the American people. General Gustan Purna said at the Defense Department is working to get as close as possible to distributing 40 million vaccines by the end of the year. As the transition process finally got underway. President elect Joe Biden officially is announcing some of his Cabinet picks ABC Xena's Daily quota with more from our Washington bureau president elect Joe Biden, declaring America is back calls from world leaders that I've had about 18 of over 20 so far. I'm not sure the exact number The week since we won the election. I've been struck by how much they're looking forward to the United States reasserted his historic role is a global leader's remarks delivered is Biden introduced his first Cabinet picks, which, if confirmed, would include the first immigrant and Latino to lead the Department of Homeland Security and the first woman to leave the Treasury Department and as delicate Terry ABC News Washington Home Depot fixing an issue believed to have affected upto 40 million customers had reached to $17.5 million settlement stemming from a 2014 data.

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