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This is marketing over coffee with christopher penn and john wall good morning walk into marketing over coffee i'm john wall i'm christopher ben and so the big news the shot heard round the world is you have announced that you're moving on from shift communications what's going on that's right i am co founding a new company called brain trust insights which is a company focused on there's a lot of words but help people make more money with data companies sitting on so much data everything from marketing customer service sales doing anything with it and so we created this company with with my business partner to fix that from everything from simple stuff like hey let's fix your google analytics so you're you're tracking the right stuff to do even know where your data is located at all to let's do predictive analytics let's do some machine learning on your customer service inbox to help better understand your customers actually care about that's the visual version of what will hopefully be a very long story yes continue to right and it's just this is such a time for that you know i love the idea yes talking about dark data and lighting up dark data because yeah there's just people have so many different systems running and when you get down to it having a single employee work on one install of some kind of system it just takes them too long to get ramped up and figure out all the tips and tricks so you know having somebody that can take a view across multiple companies and get in there and kinda dig around and confirm that you've got it set up right that's that's just a huge opportunity and companies are according to ibm grant ibm has a bias because they want to you to buy their stuff but their estimates that up to ninety percent of corporate data goes on used at sitting in someone's virtual deskdrawer.

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