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Wild card teams. There's no real Toronto. Toronto, what do they what do we know about them? You know, they still got a good core of their team. There's a lot of wild card. There's no team in the east that you look and go, that they suck. They're bad. This is a couple, but yeah. It's going to be better. They're going to be young, Cleveland is going to be young, but they're going to be better with that backcourt. You know, I don't look at any team and just go, man, they're, you know, they're just bad. I mean, they're going to I mean, as a self as far as last year, any team can speak up and beat you. So that's lost what three times in the pistons last year. I mean, twice to the Cavaliers. So and I don't think any team of the east besides want to say Toronto really took a step back and were like, okay, they're not as good. But when are we going to talk about the elephants in the room? Hold on. We'll get there in a second, but let me ask you this Gary real quick. New era, new cultures, you know, we've been talking about going into the Celtics season, but head coach, you made dogs. He took it one step further, right? He's talking about electing two brand new captains of the Celtics. Gary, if your email, which two players are you picking? Well, Jalen and Jason, thank you. Why is this like not the automatic answer for everybody? Max, who are you picking? Are you two guys? If someone goes, they go. Like it's their team now. Kimber gone, Gordon gone, Kyrie going like giving the keys. That's dude on that team, besides those two in terms of, you know, last year you could say it was, you know, kimba had a responsibility because he was a max guy. They got rid of kimba hours of compliment now, I don't know who else. You could say Marcus? Well, that would be my pick. I would have to have my emotional leader in there some place as a captain. I'd have to have Marcus smart because of his ability to show him that he could be more mature in the court. He had a bad year last year. Well, he was implemented. Of course, shot against New Orleans. He lost it a couple of times on the court last year. You're not lost in like, you know, malice the palace lawsuit, but he lost it. A couple of mental really mistakes and some things that. I want to see, I want to see Marcus at 27 years old now, you know, in the senior member of the Celtics act like listen, this is my and he got re up. He's got his money. The ain't got another complaint about. Like, I want to see him step take that step and be a leader as a point to knowing him later. I think Jalen is a leader. I think Jason is someone who's turning quietly into a more vocal player. You can tell he's more comfortable in his.

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