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Yeah like if you're by yourself a neuro editor animals are all and and I don't know you out of a cave and you get eaten by not good and if if if the group <unk> l._s. about it and and you're done for so I think sort of like the fear of not belonging as really really deep yeah. I think so too yeah the <hes>. I guess I guess the thing. Is this the if this seems to be that that either stability in all fulfillment. Fulfillment and excitement and I must out con B._C.. ICON be agree like from my experience a convenient way with that because I action started my own business because that's what <hes> you know this thing that you know you always is your little one restructuring away from being out of a job and that really started to sort of shut up like I started my business. I was like thirty nine or something and and I thought <hes> you know and I could see the whole itchy industry shifting and and I thought like this this is going to get difficult in a like now it was. I don't like it was still that's okay I could contract with Finnish project would finish up and like okay yeah. There's nothing else right now here and it would just hey you know yeah a couple of phone calls and she couldn't get another job in an open. I thought well you know go beyond fourteen go beyond fifteen. This is going to vote yeah. I think you touched a really good point so I think perhaps that would be better too tainted to perceive the politics. I think people often think that Oh if I'm working for somebody it's safer that working for myself which I think in some ways that's true and in other ways that isn't because there are basically you basically have one declined declined fires you. You're a worse situation on if you have five or ten clients and one doesn't want to work with you anymore so there is often more diversification. Let's happens when you have a business or or maybe different incomes dreams and at least more control over how you know when when also it's like you take all the credit you take responsibility but at least you know you though the boat you know. There's something that you don't like the way it's going. You have the power to Suwalki. That's not going to have to get creative and do something else that he knew in the company. Nothing in a bigger company gets worse than there's always somebody somebody else who tells you how to do things and you know and then two departments merge and your your out and it doesn't mean anything to mess nothing to do with you you know and then if you happen to be you know like yeah. Let's say an age group where it's difficult to actually this seems to be more vulnerable to me then yeah you know being my own boss where you know I can make the changes that make sense in that moment so it's actually opened that the seeped unsal the perceived certainty when you think about it with dealing with uncertainty all the time right like you know the only thing that certain as death in Texas yes sir all they say how'd you like. How do you like in the state? Yeah is really interesting. I never expect to all the changes that came from being an bicultural marriage. Neither my husband nor I think we both Kinda thought like we'll be married and will be the same person and then suddenly I'm noticed saying oh I'm becoming more American becoming more German. It's quite an interesting shift to your identity. Especially innocence. I didn't really have said on my radar wasn't like ever planning on moving here. It wasn't really I think it would have been different if we met while US already living near or if he had moved to Germany and then we meet but it is such a shift on such a deep level evil in terms of identity and like just seeing all all these condition names and so on and it's not like I have left Alford like wasn't Canada for year in high school. I wasn't in Spain for your in Vietnam so I left for short periods in other countries so it's not like like new shooting being elsewhere. I think I was always pretty culturally aware and want to say culturally sensitive kind of like knowing how cultures are different and so on and so forth but it's so different in its permanent is like I'm always GonNa be big American because I'm married UNAMERICAN and there's not even like any choice about it just as there's not a choice about who you are based on where you were born and I think that's really interesting to to see that yeah. It actually opens up some interesting little treads. I guess like this this communication that home and I think it actually is worse. Actions speak the same language our interesting because he kept exclusively because you sort of thing. I think it's action more tricky than say to somebody. I don't know like just an extreme example somebody from China by it and don't speak the same language so we have very cancel in double checking whether we really talk about the same thing because we have a you'll cultures like so a away a mine and so we expect a lot of misunderstandings but but when it's like some of a lot closer and when you do speak the same language I think there's there's a lot of room for misunderstanding that only comes out like locally to win. It's like Oh but did you find that and I think the thing is also. I think there's this assumption that Oh the U._S.. In Europe a pretty close culturally I think they're not at all <hes>. They really aren't but but I guess because so. Many people in the U._S. are originally from European send. It seems to be that way but there's such a world of difference and I think that's that's really interesting and for me to see and also to see how it shifting my way I see the wool because I think you know we're always shaped to some extent by the culture around us either where in opposition to the culture or cadillacs or it's generally a mixture of both and I think it's fascinating. I think it would be good for most people to kind of just experience a cultures on a deep level and it's such a good way to notice once on blind spots and the blind spots off the culture. You're in too yeah. It goes both ways for sure but it does really unveil a substance. Will they all yeah yeah yeah yeah because I lived in Australia and I had exactly that same things like no. It was like <hes> I also actually funny. You say that these that that thing that I sport. It's culturally pretty similar while at actually wasn't yeah so. How long have you been in the states in the mail three years okay yeah so what are what are your plans minds? Have you any brands all are you. Somebody doesn't plan all where do you see yourself in. I don't know you to three yeah so obviously have sort of like a general direction isn't that I want to move into so right now. I'm becoming more and more interested in. I guess we could say the discussions are aren't leadership specifically authentic leadership shop and so I think I'm going to look more into that. As we go forwards I am also just in terms of my own business in the process of shifting more towards you know working with less one on one with people enjoying more things that's a bit more scalable in terms of reaching more people and so on and so forth so that's also happening yeah and I mean in general Israel. It's been my expectation that on average my life has gotten better each year. I'm expecting to think like one of those things that it's really positive have positive about being being dedicated to unsown growth typically stuff actually does tend to get better. I mean in the last year I dealt with a lot of loss and grease so obviously that wasn't pleasant at all aw and that's not something I would include in the old things are getting better and I think that's something that you can't really influence. It's always something that can deal with so if I don't look at those external circumstances <unk> getting better all the time so expect that like three years from now. I'm going to feel even more confident in my skin. I'm more even more clear but what I'm doing. I'm more engaged in conversations with other people have more of off you not just the network of people that are interested about the same things and so on and so forth so yeah that sounds fantastic the related to the life gets better yeah. That's definitely and there's always that when when the age thing comes up and this is like Oh you know you're getting older and I I said it when I was like when I wasn't even thirty and I said well you know the the here that I look back to last year synagogue. Ought you know like last year was better. That's when I saw worrying about age you know but that just hasn't happened it. Always that sense like Oh actually you know but more like you said from that. Not a stop or unpleasant stuff isn't happening around around me but it's just not that in a sense of peace and confidence and being comfortable in my own skin. That seems that's that keeps getting better so there's US great Claude. It's not that we change. Just we get older and smarter that we see. It's more that we come more for. We are or something like all that's the end and I think that's probably why he kind of likes. Worry less about what doesn't matter and more about what matters worse and then I think the other thing is also. I don't really see myself as h anymore. It's more like a timeless. Get what I mean. Light like like the timeless timeless version of yourself or it's like yeah you know like I'm somewhere between two and two hundred depending depending on the time of day I asked both like this toddler and the super wise all Seoul staged on media and everything in between so that's amazing. I love that love it. That's a myth so if there's one piece of advice you could. You've somebody who's <hes> sitting there and hating Mondays yeah so I think the most important thing I would say is to not ignore that feeling as a think life tends to get worse if if we ignore warning signs so I think the worst thing that can happen to people is if they are in a situation that's bad but not bad enough to take action so I think thinks sometimes hitting rock bottom can actually be a good thing if it gets us to make a necessary change and stopping just before we hit that bottom is actually worse than heading. It's I agree. So yeah I actually actually have video about that..

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