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From it. Might have access to that. In this room, speak Arabic. Do you want me to listen to what am I gonna learn from main if they were speaking Korean, I wouldn't learn any more from it either. I can read a transcript to see you don't think it's important that. I'm just trying to make the point that everybody who says why don't you listen to the tape unless you, speak Arabic. What are you gonna get from it? Really? The president. The president has spoken to our position on this issue. He spoke in very clearly and that is our position. I love John Bolton. I really do. Now. I like kashogi I'm a contributor to the post. I am appalled. And I like the Magnitsky act sanctions on all the Saudi Arabians who were involved in this. You ought to read David Ignatius in-depth coverage of the knife fight inside the Saudi Royal family, and it is ongoing. It's been ongoing. I I read Ignatius who just has better sources than anybody. King Salman, they tried to pull a coup on him when the old king died, and he sound of slapping in the hallways and people vanished. Mysteriously the Ritz Carlton, and they never come out. Saudi Arabia is not for the faint of heart. But I asked what am I national security advisers last night at national security advisers for the radio show actually dinner with eight of the smartest people in American foreign policy last night. I said is crown Pence NBS momma been. NBS? I can't remember. Is is he? The new Shaw. Are we gonna do what Jimmy Carter did the Shah to NBS king Salman is our rock in the Middle East? He has designated crown prince NBS to be a successor the crown prince's out in the world. He has denied repeatedly that he ordered. This is using the Henry the second defense, which I call them the first day people got over zealous in the. Approach trying to bring in the opponent. So when you read the Ignatius, call four thousand were deal, it's an amazing piece of reporting by David Ignatius at the Washington Post when you read it you'll understand it's vicious and brutal. And it's because it's a monarchy. It's game of thrones stuff, but it is very possible. Very possible that they went a bridge too far without the crown prince knowing it and the president is preferring to go that way rather than paulie Shaw. I just wanna remind everyone all the Metternich's MSNBC everybody else out there if we do to the Saudi Arabian, Royal family, what Jimmy Carter did the Shah you end up with these lawmakers Republic of Iran and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard corps and the bus. She murdering thousands, exporting violence, exporting terrorism assassination. Sullivan is a dangerous character very rigorous like Rama was for Hitler. So Sulejmani is how many, and let's just be very very clear eyed that Saudi Arabia is on our side along with the United Arab Emirates, Jordan Egypt. Iraq. Bahrain and Israel in trying to stop Iranian expansionism in Yemen and other play. Let's remember as we talk about Yemen. The reason there's a war in Yemen is Iran throwing Iranian-made missiles into the hands of the who tease who were just raining them down on Saudi Arabia and one of them at the airport. I mean, they can hit Americans. So we have to be very clear eyed here, and that is the one thing I just love about John Bolton, I know everyday sits down and he looks at the world as it is not as he wishes. It would be Larry cudlow, also very clear eyed. He went to the White House press room to talk about the GM decision yesterday. Cut number seven. GM layoffs regarding the Russian story, I'm going to leave that tonight longtime friend colleague John Bolton I met with Mary Barra yesterday. And we had a lengthy conversation about layoffs that the layoffs. It's a great disappointment. Obviously, the president indicated his own disappointment. He believes as frankly, the prime minister of Canada Trudeau believes that the US MCA.

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