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Am so sick of this just like you i just it makes furious emily bodies offended about something and the irony of it is john schneider was not expressing his feelings he was giving an illustration right powell passed a racism were so prevalent that somebody could be as successful as colonel sanders years the word and so forth and what he wants even expressing his own opinion vic a backlash because ever searched matter brought up that that nfl you know demonstrations is nice they were laying in wait for you they were just waiting for him to do something and i am just heartbroken they're even taking his name off the university of louisville stadium i know i know i know i i'm just i feel terrible about it no you're right brand i thought about it i thought about it brenda what had happened and i sat back and scratch my head and i said well you know shame on him for what he said and then i started researching it because i'm here at an event so i didn't have a lot of time to really get into the nitty gritty of and then i really had some time to get deep dig deep and i'm thinking this guy wasn't even talking he's talking almost in third person regarding what you just said and i'm thinking you gotta be kidding me if this is going to happen in america we're on dangerous ground here we're in terrible trouble we're in terrible trouble but you know i black lives matter and all that foolishness and monica as far as i'm concerned but it's it's an attempt to maintain the victims victimology status no matter what you know i mean we've gotta be victims we've got to because if we're not victims and we have to be responsible for what we do and so therefore you know we're constantly looking to be offended by something and i just i feel really actually over but on the other hand i met with him too i mean how dare he'd let them bully him and beat him into the ground is i you know i i saw him for that too i agree i wanna tell you i guess i feel it's everybody's that's ended about something you're just disgusting and i'm sick i'm sick of agree let me give you some advice enclosing you've got such a great radio voice you're a black christian conservative woman you're a professor or at least an adjunct professor now somewhat needs to give you a radio show because the danger you would pose out there because how dare a black christian conservative woman say what you just said brenda we need warriors like you behind the microphone thinking prey on that believe me and i gotta bounce i appreciate you weighing in from phoenix k f n and that's in my backyard but my backyard tonight is my backyard tonight is las vegas my adopted hometown being hosted by my flagship station one zero one five fm seven twenty am katie w.

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