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Johnny's been talking about it just give everybody planning a room because you just don't know front wheel drive rear wheel drive cars act differently. There's always that car. That's going ten or fifteen miles slower than everybody else and always one that's going five to ten faster. So you just want to have some room in case things get sideways school delay lists closing list. It looks like mostly this morning. So to that we go now you can follow along six ten WTVN dot com. Type in keyword closings. The list is powered by lifeline of Ohio. We started in Franklin county canal Winchester, schools closed, Columbus city, schools closed CS, g clothes, Columbus state, close cypress, Christian school and preschool closed Dublin city schools closed Gehenna Christian academy closed, Gehenna Jefferson closed grove port Madison closed. Hamilton, local close. Harvest prep close Hilliard. City closed mar burn academy closed reynoldsburg city closing Bridget of Kildare close Saint Matthew Ghana closed tree of life. Christian close Wellington school closed. Westerville schools closed Worthington. Schools closed. We turn to Delaware County. And that's where we find Buckeye valley. Let me do a little sorry did a little move on me there. So Delaware County. There we go Buckeye valley closed Delaware city closed. Olatunji local close village academy closed. Turn our gaze toward Fairfield county. Amanda, clear creek close burn union, close bloom. Carroll closed ROY stroz closed. Lancaster city closed. Licking county. Similar kind of feel this morning. Seatac of licking county closed. Granville, Christian academy Granville, schools closed. Johnstown Monroe, close licking heights closed north fork Northridge both closed southwest licking closed, Saint Edwards preschool in licking county. Also closed. So takeaway county circle Bill close pick a close taste valley closed. Ross county pick away Ross careers center closed Logan hockey closed up in Union County, Fairbanks local closed Marysville city closed north union closed. Morrow county cardington Lincoln closed north more to our delay. You can feel the grown from the students. Can't you? Yeah. Sorry, north more at this point. Two hour delay London City schools in Madison County closed Madison plains local closed tolls. Career and technical center. Closed up in Marion county Elgin, local close Marion city to our delay. Sorry pleasant local closed. Greene county national museum airforce close, right? Pat closed Champaign county shows mechanics Berg village schools to our delay. Muskegon county Mideast career and technology center closed. So that's the list couple of delays mostly closings. You can stay up to date on demand at six ten WTVN dot com. The list powered by lifeline of Ohio. Newsradio.

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