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The falcons for a long time. But then he became a broadcast or a lot of books and I think now though he's got l. s. Oh really yeah. I saw sixty minutes piece on him a few years ago. But so those are the only two guys we had that. Crossed the falcons and then we played the rams a third preseason. I mean third Scallops and then We actually beat them and They had quite a few. You probably Yeah so God that's surreal. There must be was on tv. And everything right. Yeah in fact that game back. I think i think broadcast at the two broadcasters on that. I'm not sure who the play by play guy. I wanna say verne lundquist. But the other guy was terry bradshaw l. y. and So yeah we beat the rams and that was we played pretty well and then they kept me after that the product that and So how were the other team when the when the players crossed back over after the strike is over. How they treat the scabs. There's only one scam so that was me. I would just want. Yeah and it was frosty. 'cause mike can play left tackle on the you know they have a they have an executive director of the players union but then they also have a player that the president The players of the players union and that guy was mike. Kin for the falcons. So you got the one guy. Who's the president of the players union. Essentially who's on your team and also you're the one scap. That's that's left so right so other than tim. Green frosty for me in the locker room. All right tony. Casillas was on that team and Jerry riggs was some talent they like. When i when i they lost lost big every game so like the better schools back then when like university college football teams for miami oklahoma. We had a hard time beating them. Really yeah you really think that The professional team. The atlanta falcons and the eighty-seven would have hard time beating my because i think we only won three games and one of them. Was the scab game so in confidence. Plays a big part in it and So i don't think there was much of that going on on that team. How much of it is coaching. I mean you're talking about north carolina. Thank and you got got the coach in and you got the right coach. In how much of that at the pro level was was about coaching. Well i think it's pretty much every level so a junior college. Jim was the head coach and he was great and then it just so happened. That coach he played for with the northridge nights named don markham was an assistant coach. Well don mark went on to become like a coaching highschool legend out in like a or is it inland empire. He coach at a few schools where he came from before what pierce was caught in high school and they had won a championship or two while he was there. So this little offense. He brought in was unbelievable running game. So that's that's part of what made us as good as we were. And then dick shared and like i said. Nc state was a whole different animal than i've ever been around just the way what we did. Not only xs and os and technique wise. But the way the culture he created was amazing. And then in the pros like the staff that was in atlanta. who was Marine campbell was a head coach. But jim hannifin was online coach. Rod down our both. Those guys went unaware. Couple super bowls at least hannifin did Both with the redskins in with the rams dow with the redskins. You're they want it with ninety one. So and i think the you know Say in pro football. Yeah i think it does make a big difference. But i just. I never really played for what i would consider. I'm trying to go through my head here as a coach. I didn't really play for one that stood out like that the closest i would say was offensive coordinator. A couple of them with the bears was Rancher who is norbert brother and then We ran the west coast passing game. So that was my introduction to that and then matt cavenaugh. He left to become the head coach after a couple of years illinois. And then matt cavanaugh. Who had played for. Bill walsh And was mount. Montana's backup for a few years. But i think he also went on to play for the giants parcells but anyway so he was good also but As far as like you know. I never got to play for one as a head. Coach eye-popping right. I mean the names. Go go on for everyone with them. But yeah like you could get lucky enough to get hooked up with bill belichick or somebody like then it's a it's a career change. I would say it's it's definitely a career changer. For a quarterback. If you get bill walsh. Or someone like that. Because who i don't know and i'm not saying this out of disrespect but i don't know who joe montana would be without a bill walsh or a He went from walsh to he went to the next one chiefs. Yeah i mean the the point is what if he just got stuck in atlanta and had a job. Joe blow coaching. And would we know who he was. All right. let me will Continue in a second..

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