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An architect Allison Keyes CBS news got up at five minutes the latest on the primaries and move in on South Carolina right now it's four fifty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the five here is leased out and I want to take a tipster for checking in the can X. traffic tip line to ask were exactly that apartment building fire is it's in Tustin just off the fifty five south and make fat and west to just a couple of blocks at William street and now it's a five alarm apartment building fire so you may want to stay away from McFadden Avenue there so just be aware of that it's blocked off their there's a lot of apartment buildings in that area so just to be aware of that out of the east LA interchange on the five south at Indiana streets offramp seeing some back up now headed into the east LA chains on the five south in Indiana street this is an S. U. V. that crashed into something and blocking the offramp notes also causing a visual distraction on the northbound side as well or I know it can load up real quick between the seven ten in these telling a change on the south on the north and southbound side of the five now is seeing a little bit of slowing on the sixty east bound at the seven ten interchange I'm sure count fences picking things up there and then in the south LA area the one ten south to the east check that west one of five that connector looks like it's still close down as well I want to go back to the Ellen empire was saw a lot of slowing on the seventy south at the ninety one actually it's a seventy north a leading out of their this is some closures there are two or three lanes of closer between Euclid and soulful canyon so cal trans maybe get nothing out of there for you so that's good news down and grand terrace they're still dealing with the the two to fifteen in both directions of Barton road bridge were to alter the alternating lanes are closed still there the Barton road bridge in grand terrace next reports coming up a five a five I'm least hours more traffic reports were often can access seventy newsradio head into the sixties right now we're in Woodland Hills where it's forty four and Santa Monica fifty degrees at four fifty so.

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