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Simply the worst cling valley the finest coffees are brought forth there served up to the gods and then brought down into the low places where the people supp and partake and now all of that can be yours you can bring the grandeur in the weird strange mysticism of the snow valley to your home and coin by buying chinese god coffee it's terrific and you can imagine yourself there with cats and silken pillows lane about and perhaps a lover a lover who rides up writing the dragon this it's all yours that fantasy chinese god coffee bring the ancient mysteries of beijing and the forbidden city to your home in inglewood chinese god coffee it's available now at department stores almost forgot the name of it it's my family name mr just boys boys yes can you help me with this can't seem to find this is the world famous fill in the pacific and southern california ibaka gray but dickman you your robert leonard you over there your general gaylon show and you until henry yes that's still henry and margaret ray all right hillier margaret you'll always be blogger train thank god for that robert greene is robert grain and he's with us here from win apart california bob is the head of frazier foods which is one of the top food well it's one of the top grocery chains in all of the south west and these on to join us here to talk to us about the the winner of the tpc bob is that right.

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