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East indies company and those companies were very much involved with the founding of yale university skull and bones apart of yale university. George w bush his father were both in grandfather all three members of skull him bones so the symbolism the significance. It's there now how that even connects right. There's a college old in yale. Call saybrook college. I'm back in the day before. Yale university was created in new haven. It was started in brantford which is in between new haven and old saybrook and a lot of these names of places. We're not the same as they were. You know today like people don't realize that sometimes a county becomes a town or a town becomes a county or town gets renamed or borough becomes the whole town. You know so. There's all these little things that happened in history that add up to a larger story one piece of information which homa god if a listener could help me out with this. This would be amazing. But i thought there was an episode of the higher side chats which i lost track of. It talked about a connecticut governor. Who was once an alchemist. I'm like wow so. There is a connecticut governor. What some point in the eighteen hundreds was practicing alchemy. Or maybe even further back. But you know these are the little pieces of information that we can all like understand and then that can create an experience like what happened to me yesterday so we talked about the snake right. Well we saw that snake as we're venturing around a place called maka moody's state part now mock moody's state park is historically a word. Moc moody's and indian word Native american word that means place of the angry god or are still angry noise. You know something to do with loud angry noise. There's this whole history of this place. mood is connecticut. That inspired the done. Which horror by hp lovecraft for anybody likes that guy. i don't know much about him Read that and many others by right. So so that's you know one person but then there is a guy named dr steele who allegedly called by king george to come investigate the area figure out why these noises were happening but even further back from that. The indians the native americans. They say that there is a man that lives under ino their god god not their god as one god but a god lives under these rocks cave on a sapphire throne and he was very unhappy that the european god arrived on his lands. And that's why the noises started right so ever since then there's been earthquakes and noises in this area and people are like you know must come up from underground or must be earthquake very fascinating and after receiving a snake were just like walking around with kind of going down further looking at the different rocks at and admiring the different rocks. My girlfriend tara. She goes to hear that. And i listen and all sudden at here. Boom boom like a big like like thunder but there is no clouds in the sky no storms. It's been nice weather since that tropical storm. Fred blew through here but yeah man. We heard the mood. It's noises and it was..

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