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But of website optimization And our client reaped the benefits With major strides in their SEO like more traffic impressions and revenue Tim and the team even helped them create search and email marketing campaigns and better ongoing analytics tracking However complex your digital challenges from digital marketing and strategy to web development UX and more talk to the experts at American Eagle dot com Don't just grow So At 5 38 Traffic a mother on the 8th year and it's rob stallworth in the traffic center North Dan I two 95 before the suit and Parkway in south capitol street we have the right lane blocked for a broken down and abandoned vehicle We have a cone before the vehicle that appears to be disabled no owner on scene Northbound D.C. two 95 after Pennsylvania avenue still with the left lane blocked for the crash single file right will get you by southbound heavy as you make your way past nanny hill and Burroughs avenue headed down to and pass east capital street No problems on the beltway as you roll in Maryland through Montgomery or prince Georges counties I two 70 remain to clean rod leaving Frederick headed toward Rockville no problems on I 95 or the bottom of Washington Parkway between the two beltways route 50 looking good from the bay bridge in toward the Chevrolet with travel lanes open other than that if you're traveling in virginity out of the ramp to route one Alexandria exit one 77 that ramp is blocked for the serious crash in response on scene no problems one 66 to speak of seeing a little bit of break lights as you head eastbound pass one 23 toward nutley street but that's about it as you continue toward the beltway and inside the beltway if you're traveling northbound on I 95 seeing more volume come past Dale City headed toward the Prince William Parkway but that's it As you continue toward the Springfield interchange in one eye three 95 northbound three 95 looking pretty good as you leave Etsy road headed up to and across the 14th street bridge A PW health plan reminds you as the countdown to better health you have one week remaining to enroll to enroll visit a PW dot com and click open season Together better health I'm rob stallworth wtp traffic Mike Jennifer's got the forecast this morning Not quite as mild today a cold front has come through the region today will be partly to Rosie's son he breathes a little cooler highs 55 to 60 Overnight partly.

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