Patriots, Thomas White, Belichick discussed on Morning Meeting


In the system would be the greatest thing to sing good in the in the prison but I think the difference is that good and Denver won the Superbowl because their defense a few years ago. by the way I would have one of the thing is when you say Belichick's depress your coaching I think he's he is coaching at the highest level he has ever coached and in terms of the the player you know management of things and who brings in and we let's go I love that new punk return right yeah I know he can he not only can eat more bomb like sixty Bucks but at the hang time blog about the kiddos returning the case by the way returning the. who did they cut to to bring in brown well they they traded demerits Thomas all wow and I think they they cut a new a new well with the cut one is like a I know a nobody to another wide receiver but they traded demerits Thomas white before the Antonio brown sexual allegations came down to me and most people it shows that the patriots had no idea what to trade like Italians Thomas if you're doing on your problems and. Herald and our other newspaper here in Boston but it's been a great pleasure to be with you Joe well today right back at you I think it was a frail to you you know we know you look wacky why does which is which is you know sometimes another sort of in. and Williams and then enjoy by I would say you all let's see more of that a known. think of any really really nobody you don't look more Phil than usual. very good I always have. no all right well we're gonna keep having fun here yeah we I want to do I definitely want to give a shout out to Johnny separate sherry who is such a great part of this show it is such a great part of your organization now right Tommy was the program direction here he's got a a promotion is that now the editor of the loss on an. all of those guys thank you yeah really really helping as soft..

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