Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump discussed on Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank


Edison and his What do you think goes that's Tala game plan if he does that WHO will win. That's great. Yeah. I'm just GONNA fight. That's great. Yeah So then they talked about interesting. So. What does Biden? Stanford if you were like if you if you would build the ideal voter who would like Oh bides my guy in every way. Possible. What would well here's what Biden will tell you. I mean, he's censored. Say The the thing is that Biden doesn't really want to run on his track record because it's not great. I mean he wants to run on kind of Obama. Administration you know we did some great things. They're so little bit. Of of his tracker, but he's not gonNA run on the ninety four crime bell. You know he's not gonna run on like Oh. Yeah. Ramped up the war on drugs and I'm a big part of the reason why this should is going on He's not going to run on that. He's not gonNA run on the war in Iraq, which he enthusiastically supported. You know all their ships very unpopular now especially, amongst base. So what Biden is running on is basically the democratic. Movement narrative about America, which is that the problem is trump. The problem is reporting. It's just said the problem is trump and I represent a return to normal. For the soul is what he'll say we're fighting for the soul of the entree. This is good versus evil essentially America had its problems. There are these issues, but everything was pretty much good before Donald trump came along and he's caused all of this awfulness and I represent a return to work had in the Obama administration a pre trump you know. I'm a decent person I care about people not racist I have empathy. That's kind of the central message of Joe Biden Scam, this issue and my friends, my friend who has a wife who was like had to be. Checked out again and she was pretty sure I will look it up but We had the same thing I doing a bit about it for a bit and for a little bit. I mean and it was that wouldn't apply after March Fifteenth Twenty Twenty. But before that was like my issue is I live in a liberal bubble of New York. Manhattan. So pretty much everyone I meet is a liberal person. Ninety percent. On some degree of liberalism, New, York's Manhattan. In the Conservatives are not like these hardcore like thought blacks. This is not around you know so. Everyone sort of the same side and that side is fucked. Trump guys in animal.

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