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About this five day forecast from Brad Edwards a little bit of leftover rain and drizzle can still freeze on some untreated services primarily north and west of the city otherwise brisk and cold with clearing skies late tonight low down to thirty in mid town twenty four in some outlying areas with the wind chills dropping into the teens for tomorrow increasingly windy and cold with sunshine mixing with some clouds a burst of snow lake could leave a quick coating of snow especially outside the city high of thirty seven and then windy and bitterly cold tomorrow night with patchy clouds hello sixteen but again Winchell's dropping into the single digits for Thursday mostly sunny brisk and cold with a high of twenty seven windchill staying in the teens Friday sunny and cold not quite as are still with a high of thirty two and Saturday mix of clouds and sun with a high of thirty five thirty five right now and the cornea well feels like twenty five with the wind chill factor in this for twenty changing up the way Bayliss handle around New York because of a new reform law is why a lot of inmates are about to get out from behind bars around the state to start the new year like on Long Island it will be orderly says Nassau County police commissioner Patrick rider is one hundred seventy five people house of the Nassau County correctional facility in east meadow will be released on December thirty first or January first you have a recidivism rate estate in York it's about forty two percent that means forty two percent of the times they come out of jail to commit crimes if you'll releasing those people from the court without bail in a not coming back they will work some of them someone will come back those a warrant we're gonna go out and get you lucky.

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