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In front of the fucking. Me Mas. Right at her doll babies, African doll babies and all. Right like if it was just. Completely. Trifling behavior by way of your son and his dates but I could understand anybody being like I'm uncomfortable. But just him possibly having a friend over of any kind and the way they're homophobes be it'll be your good old home girl that you go down and and stop with and Kiki infant means that you're not even almost sexually interested in just your Fran better also gay maybe are male or whatever, and then like I'll I don't I don't know how I feel about that and I'm uncomfortable like girl they're talking about drag race and the fucking real housewives of Potomac them girls aren't thinking about or Iskar calm down and put that hungry man and so the microwave. And if you don't like it, you can leave my house. That is a person I grew. What? Oh Shero you got something to do and you got some decisions to make but if you abandon your son again girl. I just don't. I don't even know how to end that. Best of leagues can common go even at fifty, sixty seventy but that's on that. You you have is your son's regardless. Link data tomorrow you don't ruin their relationship which has some for what For what exactly? Okay and honestly, it doesn't even sound like you would have to to really be concerned by that, which is even more like heartbreaking for me because he's talking about. Well, I'll just go and stay with my friend or whatever. Because I don't want to sacrifice your happiness even listening is being incredibly homophobic anti rational unreasonable as. But like I'll go ahead and bounce just so that you will be happy Mama even though I've already dealt with, you know Sh Rama and darkness as a result of you know the way that you received me coming out to you when I was younger like if you don't tell that Nigga shut the fuck up or get out your God Damn House please. How okay? Less later this week comes from Jessica says, I'm twenty nine year old mother of two living in a small town in Indiana. I was born here and the only other kid who went to school with me was my sister. We did not get another black to play with until my brother was born. I did not even get my first real black friend until I was a freshman in college. Darrow cannot..

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