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Lost Earls Zach who have you peed next to Zack from Sioux Falls. I do fall. I would add man-cheol Minnesota bowling alley and had made twinsets signed at the year and all by none. Other than the great Burt be home blind Levin. Oh, Burt bly Levin outta boy. Rusty who have you peed next to? I was in Springfield, Missouri. At the premier for meet Joe black impede next to France. It. Daddy here on nervous you. I mean. Amazing, congratulations. Yeah. Yeah. Fill your on ESPN radio. Phil mitchell. Black Jason stay some Hardrock. Hotels, San Diego. What to a concert with him and had no idea did. Hope to God that Lorenzo got the mind blown because it was amazing visually. Billy is coming closer and closer to injuring himself. When he does this blown mind thing. Earl you're on ESPN radio. Earl what do you have? Up lost IRL. I'm sorry. Keep losing Earl Steve you're on ESPN radio. Steve. Michael Jordan at a far call Gabriel's when he was playing baseball in Birmingham. I mean, that's cool. But I mean, cooler if he was playing basketball, and I like that detail those Jordan that baseball player. Now, I'd go with Stu gods on this one. Where it is it more impressive to p next to Michael Jordan when he's in Birmingham playing baseball. Or when he's in Chicago playing basketball. Let's go ahead and put that on the poll at lebatardshow Marty Smith now with us on ESPN radio is new podcast is not really knew..

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