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And I'll tell you every time I come on come on the show. I give a couple of phone calls crepe ballgowns. I think these calls are to get me to say thanks to get off the air. And of course, I get the one for Gladys Gladys. She's married to Fred. And she always calls and she wants me to give her phone number out on air 'cause she's trying to get rid of Herman. And you know, Jay added that new sponsor Schumacher. I mean, you know, they they they're the people who get rid of test and vermin and everything. And of course, she called Schumacher said, hey, I got a I got tested I want to get rid of. But she doesn't realize that Schumacher. It's not just a regular company Luton. But got technology Mr. Schumacher did with being up to one of his satellites who circles the state of Maryland once every twenty four minutes. That's right. That's how fast it is. And the beam down on a house and found the only vermin there was Fred. And of course, they didn't send any of their crew. So Gladys I'm not giving you a number out today. So don't even worry about it. And this guy this guy is not here's another one guy named Jamal. Hey. Hey Moore of mobile marijuana. Is you know, medical marijuana is the new thing we'll Jamal says he has a mobile medical marijuana lab. That's a red flag because there's no such biggest mobile, mirmana crab. And he says he only take cash and you don't need a prescription. Well, those are all red flags. But tomorrow says that he's a licensed pharmacists, and he spells pharmacists, f- Giral. You can hang up 'cause I'm not really your number. That's much. Hey, the numbers four ten nine two two six six eight zero did and where you can fit in. This is Robbie from Robbie's first base. That's right rally from downtown to moaning in lucasville at nine west Ridgely road, my partner Albery, my son Roddy junior we've been in business thirty years right there into Monia. And while we're talking about tomorrow, I'm gonna talk to Richard Richard in west minister. And let me tell you. Westminister is close to tomorrow. I think it's only like thirty miles apart. But Richard Scott, something that everybody's gonna want the number here for ten nine two two six six eight zero. My producer is waiting for your calls, and I'm gonna take Richard and Westminister. Hey, richard. What's up, buddy? Robbie good morning. I'm fired up today. Are you doing now, you know, your listeners, stay waited in it, and they it and now it's here I told him it was coming Alaska. I know I can't wait for you to tell them. What you have. That's right. I mean, she's beautiful before you give out Richard. I to just tease him a little bit. She's beautiful. Her eyes are great. I mean, she's just striking tell them. What you got Richard? I got a nice five and a half horse fire. Snow twenty two inch swath. Yup. Pal. Everybody thought it was never gonna snow and here it is here. And here it is Richard Scott, the snowblower, Richard. You got anything else? Besides the snowblower J J J two arms to I got a mouth two legs in the knows. I'm Jay really close. Nice words job, Craig. Yup. Say twenty five forty two and thirty inches high. You know, put in there. The thing with Gladys and Fred, and this is you know, they've been married forty years, and Fred and Gladys beef with Fred is that Fred hasn't worked in forty years. But Fred doesn't wanna make the mistake of working with someone who doesn't appreciate him. So he's just compared as options, you know, what I'm saying. He's just. I'm asking one seventy five for it. So a four stroke engine. If you don't have to natural gas or all or nothing like that. And it starts right out works. Great. And the dog crate seventy five four very train Foale shop for storage or transport nice. Classic train the bottom. It's like brand new show. You got the snowblower and you got the dog crate and your number Richard is four four three six zero five seven two three eight four four three six zero five seven two three eight Richard got the snowblower. And I'm telling you folks, now's the time to get it. And he's got the dark gray his writer in west minister give Richard a call. Thank you, my friend. That gives us another open line numbers. Four ten nine two two six six eight zero get in where you can fit. And 'cause the lines will be getting the light up. Hey, let me tell you. I got to tell you about Sharon Christie. Sharon. That's right. She's a nurse. Sharon is the real deal. She's everything no one ever plans to get so sick that they have to start working, but it happens. And when it does you need social security disability benefits. Imagine that you have been approved for social security disability benefits. Boy, that's a lot to say you now have a lump sum of retroactive payment, you now have it monthly income, and you now have medical insurance the fear and executive of navigating a disability process. They're gone. You can finally relax at Sharon Christie law. They get the job done, and they work for you. That's right. Sharon is a lawyer. She's a nurse show. She understands both parts of the problem, and Sharon is mobile. I mean, she's not out of town. She's local. That's right. She's in the four one. Oh, that's right. She knows the system in Maryland DC PA knows what the judges expect Sharon Christie law believes in client services. She's passionate edge me. That's right about her work when you call her. She gets the job done and she shared his realistic, not some pie in the sky. She's realistic. They will not take your case if they don't believe that they can get a good chance of winning and come to fruition for you. So..

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