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Our top story at 2 30 Sheriff Alex Villanueva is reacting to viral video, which shows bystanders laughing and not helping the two deputies who were ambushed and shot came next and seventies. Emily Valdez is live with the latest Emily. Yeah, the video shows it's been viewed more than three million times. It was taken at the conference ran's in center Saturday evening, right after a gunman walked up to the two deputies who were sitting in a patrol car and opened fire through the passenger window, hitting both deputies multiple times. Handful of bystanders just took video and laughed. Somebody ran up on the corner bust on it right through the window in the face, and on its around. I've seen the video, and it's It's AH, obscene. It's just demoralizing. Think a human being with would think that of another of another human being in need. Sheriff Vienna Wave tells K. Next that both deputies are critically injured they got through surgery and there on a long road to recovery will have a discussion with the doctor's today and figure out how the prognosis going being long term but they were a very, very severely injured. The sheriff also tells K next. The reward to help identifying catch the shooter now up to $175,000 after some private donations Reporting live Emily Valdez que next. 10 70 News Radio, the chairwoman of the county Board of Supervisors blasting, which she calls anti law enforcement rhetoric from elected officials and community leaders. Katherine Barker says she thinks those words help set the stage for this weekend's ambush. This must stop Enough. Is enough. I will do whatever is needed to end this damaging rhetoric in order to restore compassion and peace to our communities, she says. She agrees It's important so we'd out bad cops, but she thinks the blankets criticism of law enforcement is endangering both police officers and the communities they protect. Activists and attorneys are raising concerns about how the county Sheriff's Department is handling protest against police violence as if they've declared war on protesters. Gonzalez is one of the lead attorneys in a class action lawsuit filed by demonstrators against the sheriff's department. He claims deputies are aiming directly at people with rubber bullets and other so called less lethal munitions, and they don't just do it to try to disperse the crowd. What they do is that's the crowd is leaving. They chased them, and they continue shooting at him from behind. Gonzalez and others contend the clearing of the black unity encampment at Grant Park early Sunday was an act of retaliation in the wake of the shooting of two deputies Saturday night in Compton. We don't know who did it, and none of us that air You know, engaged with protesters approve of that kind of conduct. So it's pretty clear to us that the deputy's decided to go and clear out the camp basically because they were angry and they blame us. In a statement, the sheriff's department argued what was once a peaceful protest had turned into an occupation and it was no longer safe for the public to enter the park. The National lawyer's Guild of Ella is condemning the clearing of the protest camp and accusing the sheriff's Department of ongoing violence against community and suppression of free speech. The sheriff Erman has not responded to our request for comment for the story. Claudia Pisciotta can extend 70 news radio to 33. The 36,000 Acre Bobcat fire continues to move towards homes and cities along the base of the Angeles National Forest. Hundreds of homes remain evacuated in Arcadia officials not ruling out additional evacuations in other cities. Today. The fire at this point is terrain and fuel driven winds. Art of factor, but with heavy brush continuing to burn the fires continuing it's downhill progression, 305 homes in Arcadia or under a mandatory evacuation order. Lake County Fire Captain David Attic said The evacuation warnings remain in effect for Monrovia, 20. Bradbury, and those could change to evacuation orders anytime in the next few hours. It's important if.

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