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Who did and varo played with and a good buddies good friend is one of the ladies who does the what's this hanging by your skin young man yeah whatever that now there was a guy blue does it behind genes addiction can't do it sorry and my my boy told me after the fact after and one of the genes addition show years ago when you're playing the masonic i believe i told you could go here until you hung out with a it varroa perry farrell stuff like that but i started i'm i don't really like their music he said your hung out with dancing ladies in dave navarro by the way i have a man crush on you do i tell you i i totally see a really good both name dave me like what they've laws rock star landings attorney dan ooh i love david of our story and his childhood surviving his mother being shot now he's like adults while he's got a fascinating story by i dunno i partied in the heyday of gave navarro and i don't know i really i have stories i've heard a whole lot of pressure we all miss the eighty of dave navarro i would have been like a lynn where young okay so i'm saying the second coming layoffs criminal aguila all right red arrows that was his second round game varo yes yup i'm not going there so lets us rockstars' get to fly around and things like private planes yes i heard i heard dumb kid rock on with howard stern the other day and bragging about his whatever izet janet yellen karadzic i just fly for dinner is it disagree he said i'd give up sex before i give it my private plane lease like such not a hillbilly of the people now dan right and there's a there's a hardening owner donald trump that's like me those words like i want a selfdriving cars to that i.

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