Benicia Bridge, San Rafael Bay Bridge, Matteo Barton Barton discussed on KSFO Morning Show with Brian Sussman with Katie Green


Chaos and check of your roadways right now. Definitely slow traffic. If you're traveling on one zero one southbound at Cesar Chavez, the right lane blocked due to an accident and the second lane from the right has finally been reopened. Also slow this morning. Westbound five eighty just after grant line road. We have a three vehicle accident at the has the two left lanes blocked the HP on the scene. Traffic is already slow from two. Oh, five to north Flynn. You're looking at about a twenty to thirty minute delay. I also see a problem spot. Eighty west cherry Glen road vehicle is blocking the left lane requiring a tow truck. And if you are traveling on bark this morning, so far so good no problems to report. No, more of the case of a morning show on whistle blower Wednesday with Brian Sussman and Katie green on talk radio five sixty K SF laws here thousand. Yeah. But you laws going into effect if you're traveling across the bay bridge Benicia bridge. What's another bridge back San Rafael bay bridge? Benicia bay. Matteo Barton Barton carquinez seven bucks right now. Oh, yeah. Don't you feel good about it because lunch break because the money's all going to a good cause you know that come on look at how great our roadways. Look, you know. Yeah. The roadways which sound like a war zone. No kidding. Well, that'll all be solved with a vehicle registration fee increase to that's SP one..

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