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I mean tokyo obliterated right and so when it came to reinvesting in the tools and the resources and all those things to bring it just didn't really take priority and you had that followed by world war two and that was a time where because rice was being rationed so much Yeah and then post war with economic growth and expansion in the influx of other sweeteners and other products refrigeration. All these things almost essentially ended up until honestly you know what you're mentioned before in two thousand eleven with the the rediscovery of the discovery of xio koji. I mean you're looking at almost one hundred years where koji from based on amazon was even a similar practice was being engaged in sake production. You know it wasn't the practice of making something similar to that day today. It didn't disappear but as a product and being something that was a part of people's lives it was gone for almost a hundred years which is really really really really wild. That essentially right now were in this kind of this period of japan rediscovering amazon at the same time that were you know you're now setting out to bring almost to entire world right and i'd i really curious to learn more about sort of hawkeye's almost okay. Because as i mentioned urine a very unique position now for a couple of reasons one you make incredible sake see you have all those skills and all that know how and then the other is you mentioned you make on actually has another company that makes a lot of other fermented food products and things you know. Use local foods and ingredients. And so you know getting into making something like amazon a you were and of course then where you're based in no money got the access to rice in all these things. You know. you're really. You are very much in a prime position to bring this back in. So what was it. When did when did amazon. Okay then for Cason when did that become a thing..

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