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The Freedom Democrats chose Fannie Lou Hamer as their most important witness before the credentials committee. She spoke for eight minutes without notes. Her hands clasped in front of her. Mrs Hamer told the story of her beating in the why known jail the previous year her crime again using the whites only restroom at a bus station WHO LINE. The Bay came to my fail. One of these men were the State Highway Patrol. Said we're GONNA make you wish you would be the jailers. Put Her in cell where two black men were locked up. The authorities ordered the black man to beat Mrs Hamer with a blackjack a police baton feet on the ground state highway patrolman auto the Second Negro to take the blackjack I began to scream and one white man got up and began to beat in my head empowerment to hook one white man address had worked up on. He walked over on address. I address down and he addressed back up. I was in jail when Matt Albers was murdered. All of its own account of we won't register to become first class and up. The Freedom Democratic Party is not treated now our question a male American the land of the free in the home of brain. We have to sleep with our phones off the hook because find my threaten Dana. Because we won't to did some human being stated stated the case and she told her story and told the story of the People Mississippi and we really thought we had one today several Mississippi and said they believed that if the credentials committee had taken a vote right then they would have seated the Freedom Democrats and sent the all White Democrats home but party leaders intervened Lyndon Johnson was afraid he'd lose any support. He had among white southerners in the November general election if the Freedom Democrats the IMF DP were seated Johnson asked Minnesota Senator Hubert Humphrey his choice for vice president to negotiate with the freedom. Democrats Bob Moses. Johnson is the President Johnson. Says if you want to be vice president then you deliver this so it straight POW politics the MVP. You get this monkey off. Our back. Humphries young protege from Minnesota and another future vice president is Walter. Mondale at Humphries. Direction Mondale offer the Freedom. Democrats a compromise to members of their delegation. One black and one white would be seated as delegates at large members of the all white party would be seated only if they promised to support Johnson for president and the National Party promised never again to see a segregated delegation Mondale announced the proposed compromise at the Convention. It may not satisfy everybody the screamed on the right or the freemen the left but we think it is they compromise. Everybody rejected the plan. Most members of the all White Mississippi Party were goldwater supporters. After Mondale's proposal all but four of them left the convention. The Freedom Democrats said no to the compromise to UNITA blackwell. The organizer we heard from earlier from Myers Ville was one of the party's delegates The compromise was was two seats and MS Hayman said we. We don't take no two seats all of our sixty caves that no two seats I would say first of all They came with a powerful moral case. I interviewed Walter. Mondale in Nineteen ninety-four recounting the indisputable fact that Blacks and Mississippi were sealed out of the Democratic Party that the delegation that had been officially sent from Mississippi which was all white was selected on a rigged discriminatory basis and that. Our party finally had to do something about what was Moral disgrace in the end. They just didn't have the guts to do it. Snack staff member Frank Smith. Everybody agreed with us off knew it was wrong. The all new violated the constitution. They all knew it had to be done sooner or later. They all knew all of the right things they just couldn't do it at the time and Disillusioned also great deal. I this losing actually the civil rights movement quite considerably and I think it was a great disappointment. John Lewis this could have been. I think the real final Straw that set in a period of discontent and appear of bitterness and a D. Deep despair on the part of a lot of young people that work so hard right after freedom. Summer young organizers felt they had taken on American racism and got trampled lead registered few black voters in Mississippi. Their challenge to the Democratic Party had been turned aside Dave. Dennis was the Mississippi Director of the Congress of racial equality but it achieved more than it exposed to system. Okay from top to bottom and what it did is supposed to show that that there was a conspiracy to some extent unwritten. You know there was just so far that people are going to make changes to work on step on too many people's toes at this time in this country in really what type of Iraq this country was pulled others looking back later had a more positive. Take on the summer. And what it accomplished. I think that every time we got someone to register the vote every time we got someone to attempt to rich about whether they were successful or not. Every time we got someone white allowed to stay in their home every time we got someone to stand up and say yes we had changed now. You don't do that and then undo it two weeks later and go back and become what you were before that act. People came out of the Mississippi Summer Project and looked at the questions that affected our lives ever after questions about gender questions about sexuality questions about war and peace and We had Real knowledge of a way to function what we were unable to do it. Maybe IN MISSISSIPPI BUT WE ABLE TO BILL O. MISSISSIPPI BILL ON ATLANTA'S CITY. And I think we did it in some the Selma to Montgomery March in the spring of nineteen sixty five was followed a few months later by the signing of a landmark bill to Mississippi Summer Project laid the foundation created the climate created environment for the passage of the nineteen sixty-five to make it possible for hundreds and thousands and millions of blacks to become registered. Devoted.

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