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Why this part of the so many shots as people getting run over by cars for every john wig there should be like a ruby. Rose i'm sarah. I'm kelly kauffman and together with you dear listener reform the bad feminist film high fitness. Eileen welcome back thanks for bearing with us as we deal with low as happened so often. But we're back end We're doing something that we have done once before with. Pride and prejudice where we take two adaptations of the same story and kind of compare and contrast a case. Maybe this week we're going to be talking about. Rebecca specifically the nineteen forty s alfred hitchcock version and the most recent armie hammer. Totally colleague james yet. lily james. Oh no i cannot get her name right. Totally james but like louis colin i. I know that browse and she's emily petty song. That's right okay. great. I haven't seen that show dots ono me neither. But that's what we're going to talk about But i did really quick before we start off. I actually wanted to give a shout out to 'cause i guess you'd say that has come across my desk recently that i feel like Tyson someone to our podcast. Which is the move to higher. Ground project This is something where the people in washington are currently located in a su-nam zone And yes these are the same the same nation from twilight But they are also real people in the real world and they actually need help right now so This is really important because they actually have a quote tribal school which is located in this zone. It's the only one in the world that teaches the language and culture so if there were to ever be a nominee or any kind of emergency like this entire community would be lost essentially so If you want to donate you can go to their website. It's im- t h g. dot org so moved to higher. Ground dot org and It means donate. That'd super cool. Maybe you can give it.

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