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Take me about the show. Her picture just spoke to us and we knew we had to meet her. She just came right up to both of us and just gotten collapse. Started looking our faces. All she wanted was belly rubs and we're like have to have the dog like there's there's just no question my boyfriend and I spoke about it and we said Yup We would like to name her sky with two wise to keep with tradition and I I swear that we do not have a drinking problem. Just do find that very interesting dog names is that you I keep. Hearing kind of shaking in the background and sky is also a pit or a pit mix. She's definitely a pet not really sure if she's a mix six and yes. She is fidgeting by my side every time you hear her move it's because I stopped rubbing her belly like that. Yes I understand it. And how would she think best. Guests is eighteen months to two years so she's young. She's young but she has also. There's no question that she's been through some stuff. I truly believe that on some level they know what their fate would have has been had. They not been rescued all three of those dogs. I mean they've already touched my heart but especially especially Colusa and and and I know it's it's fairly recent so it was actually. I just had my. My first book published. My Book is a book of poems. uh-huh it's poetry both. At the time that she passed it was it was with the publisher and it was in the final phases of being published. And I had reached out to my publisher when Kalou passed away and I was like. I know that this is already like a done deal but I can't have this book published without having a poem written for her and my publisher. They're amazing people truly amazing people as well and it they sorry sky is saying hi there in the background They were extremely understanding and Mary. Therapeutic and told me to take all the time that I needed and were one hundred percent on board even though all of the proofreading formatting editing everything had already been done like the book was essentially finalized at that moment when I said I have to write something at least one more in her her memory so I was able to. I was able to do that and I was able to get that completed and get that included in my book. which I don't think there's a greater tribute that I could have had then to be able to include something that will be forever imprint imprint? That's amazing so what is the name of the poem. So the name of the poem that was written specifically for her is called Qaluwa and oh cream we always used to joke around that you know. She had white paws and a little bit of white on her chest but her pause it looked like she walked through white paint so we said she was on a little collage. Hello and cream. Would you read a little bit for me. Would you mind boy. You're really GonNa make me cry now. Uh All right one second. Thank you. Shore Higham paging through my book to get to that particular Eh. One very end of this particular poem is Koloa was rescued by village and loved by one to there is a hole in our hearts emptiness in our home sadness where there was once joy. We sleep with your blanket every night. It's still covered in your for and that brings US comfort. We will love you and miss you. As long as we live Qaluwa you'll forever be our princess. Our baby girl are boo boo. If you could talk we know you'd say thank thank you. I had a wonderful time and we did to baby girl all right. I just got chills. Thank you that was just beautiful warm. So Hello Julie. We're going to wrap it up. But what is the name of your. What is the name of your.

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