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You could listen to Classic Ninety Swedish Euro dance country hit cotton eyed Joe exactly three hundred times and I mean exactly like down to the second and that's all thanks to fresh books with fresh rush books. You can have professional looking invoices in thirty seconds and fresh books has double entry accounting reports and tools that will help you plan for the future and evaluate the current the health of Your Business and even better you'll have access to great canadian-based customer service to try it out for free head over to fresh books dot com slash Commons. That's fresh books dot com slash Commons Kenneth Irving was the heir apparent to the most important piece of the Irving Empire in the nineteen nineties. He was the number two man at Irving oil and he was poised to take over for his father Arthur who had run irving oil since the seventies now the irving's rarely speak to the press but one exception was nine hundred ninety. CBC Documentary in which they all opened up Canada building is the number two man at earning oil answering only to his father Arthur one day the entire oil business will be his run and he knows the refinery is the key you would all you know my cousins and although we get along very well and I one session level. We're very different people of because we all run very different businesses. It doesn't it doesn't pose any issue. Kenneth was born to be in the refining business from a very young age. He was trained to be a model irving employee and I I can remember the the shaking hand drill that my grandfather used to make my brother and I do before he took his through the paper mills or the refinery on the weekend. We'd have to practice yeah and shake hands saying how do you do you know it was important in for him for us to be very polite and respectful of anyone we met along the way when he was seventeen his grandfather and the Family Patriarch Casey Irving which is short for Kenneth Colin asked his grandson to take his middle name he was assigned signed one day the younger irving take over irving oil the crown jewel of the family empire. Kenneth worked his way through entry level oil jobs both in New Brunswick get an Alberta and he moved up quickly in the company he would take over operations of Irving oil itself in two thousand but his father Arthur Irving was still still the man in charge are irving is an imposing man who speaks his mind and we want successful. We want to have the sense of accomplishment and doing good job. That's it. We're not in it for anything else. We want employ a lot of good people. We want our employees to be proud of us. We want to be proud of them. mm-hmm and we want to keep going down the road making this part of the country a better place to live. That's our dry everyday everyday everyday and dot quit the irving's including Arthur and Kenneth always professed their love for New Brunswick and the maritimes. Here's Arthur again pretty much saying he'll fight anyone who takes a shot at the maritimes. I enjoy this part of the world. It's part of the world I'd rather live in Americans. It's alright trusted joke amongst ourselves about the maritimers you know but when somebody takes us on for they've picked on the wrong bit we'll defend you will defend the Americans landed Candida everytime and that's it so it's straight up with plus. You get what you see. The relationship between softspoken Kenneth the heir apparent and his hard driving Father Arthur is going to reshape the irving empire forever but before we get to that we need to better understand the irving empire for what it is because unlike anything else in Canada.

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