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Join us next tuesday as we continue delving into the twisted psychology behind an hamilton burns family cults was created by max cutler and is a production of color media and is part of the podcast network it is produced by mackson ron cutler sound design by ron shapiro production assistance by jill stein maggie admire carly madden and ginette manning cult is written by john gray and stars greg paulson at vanessa richardson don't forget to subscribe to heaven's gate the new podcast from stitcher available in the apple podcast app or wherever you listen here's a little preview of the show right now regarding what a march twenty six 1997 in a san diego mansion through nine people were found dead the occupants were serbs seem to belong to some kind of cult the call themselves heaven's gate our share of they had a leader did they not marshall applewhite we came from distance space and we're about to return but the unanswered questions that left behind still linger if i could believed that they were brain launched it would be easier to just plain the to the largest mass suicide in american history is also one of the most was understood reverend appreciated fist tapert pre between us okay by coming october eighteen from stitcher the collaboration with pineapple street media heaven's gate hosted by me glen washington subscribe now on stitcher effort listen to your podcast the find out how you hear episodes one week early adf free go to heaven's gate show.

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