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Being dishonest about it. Maybe do dushi it. But he's not being an asshole. It's super dushi. Hey why can't we bring back the bucket. Michael jordan is fucking human towards if we're going to bring back yeah this even torches and just kill mongers. Let's have a fucking chris evans kill monger. Oh my god i wouldn't. That's that's like that spiderman me pointing at each other and shit. Oh my in which they have to show up and they have the iowa lose my shits. They did it in the of spider verse. Yeah but Live action version of that would break the actual internet. Neil neil. i'm going to say dude is you're wrong. It's one hundred percent feast. This is on the. And i'm saying you are a one hundred percent wrong wanda fuck you twenty five percent earlier now you've completely completely gone down on double down on it. I'm doubling down. Of course i am a dude. I can't do we find out. it's feast. oh i'm bringing you back on this shit. And i can't wait. I cannot wait the heat do. I'm just no. I'm gonna bring a not even going to be a full time. It's not a feast. Oh dude you're not gonna be a full time. You're not gonna be x jake. You are not even going to be a fulltime guest. I'm just going to bring you on that one segment just for that one segment and i'm going to call you shit dude. I'm going to call you a bitch couple times and then you're gone. You're gone since about right advantage just like want us children shit. Final thoughts final thoughts on one division. Stephanie digging this fucking show. I'm loving it and i'm eating a lot of crow too because i i was not excited for this all But now i can't get enough of it. I have to watch each episode multiple times just to catch all the things. I'll listen to the podcast. And then i'll go back and look at things. This show has been excellent. And i think they're doing fantastic job that's awesome. It's fucking awesome. My god neil. I cannot wait until they reveal is fuck. it's the devil. I hope they call him satan. I hope they do too like i. You know what. I hope that they bring it in. I do not think that they're going that way. And i hope that. I'm eating crow because mephisto is a great marvel character I but i also think that this is a possibility for breaking the multi-diverse and allowing the the actors that we'd love and certain parts to play those parts again and like that is what's most exciting for me after the quicksilver stuff is that okay maybe we can get you know a fucking fast bender in the mcu..

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